When Good Friends Come To Vist

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Well almost! Jez and Chelle came to Europe to have a holiday in Spain and then head to Manchester. Mary and I were at a christening in Norfolk so we decided that the drive would be easier than flights to Aus. How wrong could we have been! Norfolk is such a shit place to drive around in the UK. No motorways and single track roads littered with roundabouts made it slow going!

Getting out of Norfolk took forwever but the drive was well worth it as catching up with Jez and Chelle was awesome. I’ve known Jez since 1999 and we’ve been best friends ever since. It’s a shame they live so far away but as with all great friends when you get together it is always just like old times. We had a blast and spent two evenings drinking and laughing proper belly laughter. On the last night some serious gin tasting went down but with my bad leg I was staying sober watching these three disintegrate into madness hahaha!

It was great to see you guys! Until next time!

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